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"A SIMPLE yet ingenious cattle crush has won the Weekly Times Australian Machine of the Year at the Elmore Field Days." 

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We started the business in August 2013, knowing how hard it is to trim cows feet, how dangerous and unsafe it is tying cows legs up in the dairy with the risk of being kicked or the cow going down, also how long it takes. 

So we decided to design a Crush that would fix all our problems! 


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Our Product

Designed and developed in Australia by farmers from Kyabram and engineered in Echuca, in the heart of the Goulburn Valley.  


The Ezy Rollover Crush has been developed to meet a real need for cow comfort and operator safety in hoof inspection and hoof care.


It is an Easy, Safe, OHS friendly and comfortable for both the cow and the operator. It makes it quick to trim and fix any hoof problems, whilst the cow is laying comfortably on her side and legs are restrained to the crush. 

The Crush can also be used to dry off cows, use teat seal and conduct minor mammary surgeries as the cows legs are fastened it makes it very safe for the operator. 


The Crush can also be used to do general surgeries as the side opens up making the cows side fully accessible.

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​Compact and Portable

  • Over all height 2.43m & Overall width is 202cm

  • Footprint for bolts on stand are 101cm wide by 145cm long 

  • Box/crush is 259cm long including headrest and 100cm wide 



A crush to suit your needs

  1. Standard Crush as seen in photos, rolling to the Left.

  2. Standard Crush as seen in photos, rolling to the Right.

  3. Option of having split side and/or back gates with either a left to right rolling crush.

  4. Option of having a mobile Crush on a trailer.

  5. Option of having a Euro Hitch for easy portability.

  6. Option for Galvanised dip for increased protection and durability.

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Why it's great

  • Minimal stress to both cow and operator
  • Strong, robust construction
  • Hydraulic operation
  • One man operation
  • Quick installation
  • Easily kept clean
  • Suitable for Dairy and Beef cattle
  • Self contained power pack

Peter      0412 503 564

Victoria  0448 522 252

Kyabram Victoria 


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It’s simple, safe design makes it quick to install and easy to use - bolted to the floor and plugged into a 240V socket.

With little moving parts the Ezy Rollover Crush will last a life time. With cow comfort and operator safety our highest priority, you can’t go wrong with Ezy Rollover Crush!

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